What our week looked like.

Friday, November 22, 2013

superhero children, or so they said // sweating it out // sharing cookie snacks
silly faces // mama time = cake, coffee & Truth // you're welcome
another day, another happy quiet nap time // sweet baby snuggles // quirky, local coffee shop
waiting for Daddy to come home after a few long days // favorite part of our day = Daddy home
these trees feel magical // mid-morning apple fritter cake snack time, shark helmet optional

So, according to these photos snapped throughout the last week or so, it would appear that I once again drank a lot of coffee (I indeed did), we made a lot of silly faces (which usually got sent to someone, as we giggled hysterically), and my children are goofy (which they are, evidenced by underwear as headgear).

It's been a good week.  Last weekend, we decorated our house.  I haven't taken any pictures yet.  Strange.  Oh well.  The decorating didn't happen quite how I imagined it would.  See, Max and I have a very different view on Christmas decorating - really, on decorating in general.  He wanted to get things out and open every box haphazardly, putting things up wherever, all willy-nilly, as he went.  I wanted to methodically pull things out, putting the paper and wrapping back as I went, and then decide where each thing should be placed for optimal cuteness.  It's always fun figuring things out together!  The house is now decked out for Christmas, which I love.  It feels festive and makes me happy!

This week really did involve lots of coffee, silly faces, and goofy children.  We have good friends coming into town this weekend, to stay for the week/Thanksgiving, so we've been busy getting the house clean, stocking up on the groceries, and making sure everything is in order!  We are so excited to have them here, and to celebrate Turkey day next week!  Hope y'all had a great week and happy Friday - I know I am excited it's the weekend!!

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  1. I appreciate your honesty about the Christmas decorating. That is usually the way things work here too - I have one way in mind, and my husband has another :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for Christmas decorations, we are pulling all of ours out this weekend. :)

  3. LOVE that first picture! My kids have been into putting my undies on their heads lately. Sam put many many undies around his neck as if they are the latest and greatest accessory. At least they're clean.... (saving pictures for future girlfriends)

  4. "All willy nilly".. that made me laugh! Sounds like my husband!

  5. Yay for coffee and Christmasy things. :)



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