Teeny plastic flowers.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A few months ago, right before we left NC, L found a teeny plastic purple flower bead thing outside on the sidewalk.  She carried it around and adored her little flower.  And then promptly lost it at Amy &  Mark's house.  She was sad, but always asked if she could have a purple flower on her birthday.  L's birthday happens to be tomorrow, and do you know what arrived in the mail this week?  A sweet birthday card from Amy & Marky, with a teeny plastic purple flower taped on the inside.  L couldn't believe it.  She was thrilled!

Yesterday morning, I was getting some stuff done while the kids watched SuperWhy for a bit.  Evie was napping soundly, and all was going well, until suddenly, L ran into the kitchen, crying that her nose hurt so bad!  Because of the purple flower!  When questioned further, she said it was in her nose!  I had her blow and blow her nose, with nothing happening.  I made her lay on the couch so I could shine a flashlight up her nostrils.  I couldn't see anything.

So I called the Dr.  They recommended to take her to the ER, so we did (after juggling the car around and mixing up Max's day at class).  The ER doc could not see anything, so we were referred to an ENT, who wasn't able to see us until today.  At this point, I kept asking her if the flower was really in her nose still.  And every time, she responded with a strong yes!  This morning, we headed into the ENT, who scoped her nose.  She did amazing, sat so still, and didn't make a peep.  He found nothing.  No flower.  Just some snot.

I have absolutely no idea where that blasted little flower is, but at least we know it's not in her nose, right?!  Lesson learned: teach children that small objects don't belong in noses or ears, or just don't give them teeny objects.

I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed and tired, and I allowed those feelings to come out through impatience and grumpiness.  It's been a long week for Max at work, and we've seen him very little, with the kids seeing him the least.  I am proud of how hard he works and the responsibility he has taken on, but it's been hard adjusting to how much he has to be doing, away from us.  It's strange, this getting used to him "being with us" here in Monterey, but really, he's super busy with work and duty and making sure stuff is being taken care of, that he's not really here with us much at all.

It's been long days for me here on my own, with three little humans, and no car.  I am trying to be positive and find the good in the situation, but sometimes it gets the best of me.  Like this morning.  I was not being very successful at seeing the positives, at all.  And I decided I could try to rush through a thousand chores before we had to leave for L's doc appt, or I could sit down and read for a few minutes.  I typically read early in the morning, but I hadn't done so this morning.  So I chose to read.  To sit and reflect.  To let Truth soak into my soul, my heart, my feelings.

It was just what I needed this morning.  I didn't magically feel amazing or full of joy, but it helped me stop and think about the attitude of my heart, and where I was at emotionally.  I think I need to be better about making an attitude adjustment, about hitting the 'reset' button my day, about being willing to acknowledge I am going down a dead-end road and turning around.  I definitely don't always do it right.  There have been plenty of days that I didn't make the choice to turn my day around, and they ended just as poorly as they started, or worse.  I don't want that.  I want to be able to see that things are not going well, be humble enough to address the issues, and be able to move forward in grace and love.  Which sounds so easy, but can be so hard to put into action sometimes.

I don't really know where I am going with this, I think I am just rambling at this point.  Just keeping it real here, friends.  A little glimpse into my heart today.

And my daughter, just smelling the flowers a little too hard.  Or something.

P.S. I was reading the SheReadsTruth James study this morning, and highly recommend it.

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  1. That study and your honesty both helped me today. So thank you. <3

  2. I have days like that too - thank you for being honest about them!

    I am glad everything ended up ok with the flower situation.



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