Riding the Train.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We ventured out yesterday to ride a train, and we had a blast.  We went to Roaring Camp Railroads and rode a steam engine up into the mountains - we got to see huge redwood trees, listen to the train whistle, and feel the wind in our hair.  What a great adventure!
Gma (my Grandma, and the kids great-grandma!) with L & Z.
Z in "jail" // the kids checking out a covered wagon
Aunt Kathy & Evie // L all ready to go
The whole crew (minus me!) - so fun to have them visiting this week! 
 Train station // Evie the conductor 
Mama & Ezra // Gma & L
The engine we rode!  So neat!
 David & Ezra // Ezzy and a BIG tree!
On the train // playing in a tree
 We worked up a good appetite riding that train, soaking up the sun and fresh air, so we found some lunch afterwards.  And then all proceeded to get in the van and fall fast asleep...

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  1. What a fun day! Your kids are adorable as always! :)

  2. How fun!! Always having such great adventures.

  3. I love their conductor hats - did you have those already, or buy them there? Very cute!

  4. So cute. I've decided Walter is definitely getting a conductor hat in a year or two. :)



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