Evie and the box.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The other day, I had left an empty box next to the back door, so I could take it out later for recycling.  I was busy in the kitchen, getting lunch ready for the kids and I.  Eliana & Ezra were watching a show on Netflix, and Evie was playing with toys.  Or so I thought.

I turned around to find that Evie had crawled into the box, water and Foxy in hand, and was happily sitting, watching me go around the kitchen.  It cracked me up, that she had found herself a little seat and was just as content as can be.  Funny little Evie.  

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  1. Our girls. I think they're going to be the ones to keep us sane. Bringing the smiles and chuckles to brighten our gloomy and unending days. Lot's of love to yall. I may need your address again. It somehow got lost...aka...eaten by an 11month old. :)

  2. Oh my word. That is too cute!!

  3. Eeeeeeeek she is the sweetest thing!!!



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