Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Thought I'd drop in and say hey!   Our weekend was low-key...trips to the park, movies, lazy days, eating yummy treats, game nights, etc.  We have visitors coming Friday (Can't wait to have them here!!!  So excited!!!), so we have some cleaning and shopping and cooking to do before then.  
While at Target the other day, my littlest daughter was attempting yoga moves in the cart.  Every time I turned around to check on her, she was in another strange position.  Silly little girl!
I have been working on lots of projects.  Trying to get the chairs finished (that's the red) and working on a little pallet project (Max has been so excited to help put it together...probably because he's getting to use his saw and do all sorts of work with his tools...), and working on my trunk!  The trunk is finally's super bright and I LOVE it!  It's going to be an awesome accent in the living room - and a great storage for blankets!  Right now, I am taping off all the metal parts, so I can paint them black - and let me just say that taping is NOT my favorite job, at ALL!!!! Once the metal is painted, we just need to clear coat the light wood strips and clean up the inside, and it can come in the house!!!  
  His and hers coffee this weekend.  And my rhino slippers...which are actually my mom's from when she was in college (right?!)...vintage rhino slippers for the win...
 My sweet Evie girl at the park. 
Yesterday, Ezra woke up and was adamant that he was going to wear his panties (we now call them undies, don't worry...).  I may have tried to convince him that he didn't need to, but he was positive he did.  Y'all...the potty training thing is so mental for was such a long struggle with Eliana that I am so not looking forward to working on it with Ezra.  But he is ready, clearly!  So yesterday, he wore his Mickey undies.  And did a great job keeping them dry.  This morning, he once again decided he was wearing undies.  We've had one accident, but multiple successes in the potty. I'll take it.  

I'll be honest...this week has been a hard one on me, emotionally.  I've been so reminded how much I desperately need Jesus and his grace.  And how much I need to trust and hope in Him alone.  He is doing work on my heart (and in our marriage) and it's hard, but so good, and so necessary.  I know He will work all things for good, and that He has great, big plans for me, for my family, for my marriage, and I am holding to that, to Truth.  Can I get an amen?!

The blog might be a little quiet in the next week...having visitors can do that, you know ;)  I'll be back at some point - with lots of adventures and pictures to share!  I'm off to meal plan and make lists and do laundry and try to contain my excitement at what the next few days hold!!!  

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  1. It's amazing how comfortable little ones can be in such awkward positions.

  2. I will be praying for you! I am being reminded of those same things. AMEN!

  3. She looks so much like you in that first photo! Have fun with your visitors in town!

  4. Yay for Ezra! I got some undies for Levi the other day, but he's not interested. I'm not pushing him. I know he'll want to wear them soon enough.

    Hope you have fun with your friends!

  5. Yes yes to grace. And that trunk is fabulous.



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