Aimee & Becky visit, part 3: Fisherman's Wharf Monterey

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We decided to visit Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey one evening before dinner.  It was absolutely gorgeous out - sun shining, warm weather, light breeze - and it was great to be outside.  We walked along the wharf, checked out sailboats, watched seals & sea lions, walked in and out of souvenir shops, and took in the smells and sights.  It was the perfect afternoon activity!
Fisherman's Wharf Monterey
Happy girl!
The kids loved seeing the seals/sea lions on the dock and in the water!
Love her silly faces!
boats // the Wharf // beautiful views
L checking out the sea lions // there they be // Ezzy was "ark"-ing at them
bright colors galore // jellyfish // L playing in the ocean

The kids were begging to dip their toes in the ocean. {Ok, let's be real here...Eliana was the one begging.  Ezra is really anxious about being close to the water (no idea where it came from, or how to help him overcome it...any suggestions welcome!!!), and is content to hang back and play in the sand.}  We promised them that before we left, they could go play for a bit.  L ran right out to the water, and was soaked by the time we got in the car (Aimee even caught a funny video of her giggling about her "buttpants" being wet, hahaha!).  

We had such a fun afternoon walking along the Wharf, playing by the ocean, soaking up the sun and surf! 

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  1. How fun!!! :) I love how happy the kids look.

  2. How pretty! And I love Evie's little bonnet hat.



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