Father's Day weekend (and life lately).

Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh, hello!  Somehow a week went by and I sort of neglected my blog, even though I've had time and pictures galore to share!  So much for my summer blogging goal ;)

Our last week was a good one.  Full of time spent outside, working on some little projects (painting chairs and pulling out my trunk to paint), watching movies, and enjoying the weekend with Daddy home.  Evie started crawling just over a week ago, and she is now on the move.  She is always go-go-go, and loves getting into the doll house, and the DVD's, which she always is so proud about!    

Our weekend?!  Saturday morning, we headed out to the beach, where the kids scooped sand and chased seagulls.  We got to watch a man set-up his hang glider, and then take off - it was basically free entertainment, and we were all pretty into watching him!  I've never seen someone setting it up and taking off before!  Pretty cool!  Saturday afternoon was movie and popcorn time, and then once the kids were in bed, Max and I watched ANOTHER movie!  It was nice to just lounge around and relax together as a family.  

Sunday morning, we headed to church, then home for lunch and naptime.  Once the kids were up, we drove up to a local produce stand to stock up on some fresh fruit and veggies, and then found a fun seafood restaurant for our Father's Day dinner.  We ordered fish and shrimp and squid and fried artichokes, sat in the bright sun, right on the beach, and it was lovely.  We walked on the beach for a little bit after dinner, and even got to see some sea lions on the way back to the car.  The kids had a blast "Arrrk-arrrk-ing" at them!  All in all, we had a good weekend, and a good day celebrating Max as a Daddy yesterday.     

Here are some pictures from last week, and the weekend.  All from my phone, ha!  It's just so easy and convenient.  I grabbed my camera yesterday to take pictures, and of course, the battery was low.  It's now charged, and my goal for the week is to take some camera photos!  

Mama and L, all dolled up.  It's hard to see, but she has clip-on earrings on, lip gloss, and a necklace.  She LOVES getting all dressed up, with jewelry and "make-up"!
 Helping Daddy in the garage.  She spent hours out there with him last weekend.
 We got a betta fish last weekend, and L named him Jonathon.  Most mornings, the kids beg for him to come "eat breakfast" with them.  It's cute.  
 Evie, at the dollhouse, so proud of herself for crawling over to it and "attacking" it!
 Playing dress-up with some of Daddy's old covers (and by old, I mean I accidentally dried them and they shrunk, so they only fit the kids now, ha!)
 "Look Mama!  I'm a pirate! Arrr mee matey!"
 Playing outside in the dirt.  Everyday occurrence. 
 We've been going to a Kinderjam class at the neighborhood community center.  It's a little bit of a walk, so I pull the kids in the wagon, and wear Evie.  It's more hilly here than I am used to, and let's just say that after working out earlier that morning, my legs were a little tired after this adventure!!!  
 Daddy took the older kids out on an after-dinner outing on Friday evening, leaving Evie to have bath time all by herself.  She loved having the tub all to herself!  And of course, Daddy and the kids came home with ice cream treats - it's no wonder they love going out with him!
 Walking at the beach after our Father's day dinner yesterday!  Daddy and his babies.
 L and Daddy, down by the water.  It was absolutely gorgeous out!
 Ezra is quite hesitant about being by the water, so we waited on the boardwalk.  
Such a good weekend!  

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  1. It sounds like it was a fun week!

  2. Sounds like a great week full of fun!

  3. You guys have such a cute family. I love watching your adventures!



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