Thursday, June 06, 2013

listening to: Rend Collective Experiment.  It's my jam, what can I say?!  I love their music so much.  Oh, and this song is on repeat in my head too.

watching: Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  Oh my gosh, so I might be slightly obsessed, but I just can't stop watching this show.  Where was I a few years ago?!  I don't know!  I'm just starting season 3, and I love it.

debating: whether or not to make these sprinkle sugar cookies with the kids after naptime?!

reading: Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. Y'all, it's such a good book.  And I can't wait to read her latest - Bread & Wine - I've heard it's fantastic!

eating: leftover pasta with sausage, broccoli, and garlic (it turned out delicious!), and dark chocolate with sea salt.

wearing: these flip-flops I found on sale in AZ.  I adore them and never want to take them off.

procrastinating: folding the kid clothes.  I don't mind laundry too much, but folding the kid clothes load is my least favorite ever.  Probably because their clothes take up less room, so there is way more clothing per load, and it always takes longer!  

looking forward to: the weekend and family adventures waiting to be had.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I still hear quiet upstairs, so there's a good chance I can get another episode of Friday Night Lights in before the kiddo's wake up.  I'm going to grab another square of chocolate, and the overflowing basket of clothes, and try to motivate myself to get the folding done!

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! :)

  2. Your doings make me laugh :) With my Mr working late, I am wondering what I might do with my spare time. I may join you in some Netflix watchin'. Enjoy your quiet lady.

  3. Friday Night Lights... I wonder if Brandon would enjoy that.

  4. So the big question is - did you make the cookies? :)

    I have that book on my wish list. I might have to get it now that you mentioned how much you are enjoying it.

  5. I'm very, very, very slowly reading that book, but I love it. Shauna is amazing. My mom gave me her other two books and I can't wait to get to those, too.



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