A little more of the Tucson stay.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

For the sake of remembering, and having a place to share these photos, here are a few more from our "pit stop" in Tucson, staying at my parent's house, in the midst of our move to CA.  

The kids LOVED scooping the rocks in the backyard, and then sweeping them away...or TRYING to sweep them away!
Milia, the cat.  She hates me.  And pretty much everyone.  Except for my Dad, of course.  
Most mornings, my dad would be up before anybody else, and when the kids woke up, he would go get them out of bed.  They would watch videos on youtube or read or do whatever morning activities they did.  They all loved it. 
Eating bacon wrapped Sonoran dogs.  It was my request.  They are SOOOO good!
I came in one afternoon, to find my Dad attempting to teach the kids how to golf.  In his bedroom.
This child LOVES her baby mum-mum's.  
Even with Ezra giving the glazed-over look, I love this picture.
The flowers the kids picked for me on a walk (in the little bowl), and the ones from church.  On Mother's Day.  With the craft from church.  Too cute.  
Evie and Mama. 

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