Welcome to our {new} home!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wanna see our new home?!  Come on in!

This is inside the front door.  Cute little coat rack at toddler level.  Coat closet and powder room doors.  
Turn around, and you find yourself in the living room.  Bookcase chock-full of good reads.  That blank wall above the couch/chair?!  That is ready and waiting to hold our collage wall of family photos, once I get the new ones ordered!  Can't wait!
Through the living room, you find yourself in the "great room" and kitchen area.  This is where most of life happens in our family, I feel like.  Toy central.  The desk station.  Kitchen.  Laundry room.  Fish tank.  All in this area of the house!
Kitchen and laundry room.  Complete with the laundry room door rack that looks like it spewed out bags, lol!
Step out back through the great room, and you'll see the garage, and our little backyard.  We planted a tomato/pepper garden in the back corner, and have our bright pop can flowers out as well.  It's mostly dirt out there, but the kids love moving dirt, so we don't care!
The computer, or Mama's "study space", tucked back in the corner by the back door.  Not that I'm actually studying for anything, but Max has his study space upstairs, and it just seems natural to call this MY study space, ha!  
Turn back around to see the eating area, and through the doorway ahead, the stairs leading up.  Oh, and the fish tank.  Our black and white clownfish are coming next week!  You know your husband's fish passion borders on obsession when he has a buddy from NC ship his beloved pair of fish to CA.  I'm excited for them to get here too, not gonna lie...
 At the top of the stairs, you'll find this cute little landing, which we've made into the "reading nook".  I love it.  Pillows, kids books, and Jorge the giraffe.  What more could a kid want before bed?!  
The first room at the top of the stairs is the guest room/Evie's room.  She has been in a pack-n-play since she was born, so I am pretty sure she is loving her crib and the space to roll around!  
Next door to Evie, is L & Z's room.  Soon enough, we'll start the transition of Ezra into a bed.  The bed that L sleeps in will get added to, to become a bunk bed!
 Kid/guest bathroom.  
 Our bedroom, looking in from the right of the door.
 And the rest of the room, and the bathroom door.  Oh look, there is Max's study space.  He usually spends 2-3 hours there every night.  
 A glimpse into our bathroom.  I made the jewelry holder, and am loving it!
  A few other details that make me smile every time...my dish of succulents by our kitchen table:
 This area by the table:
This pot of flowers outside the back door.  I can see them from the kitchen window, and they make me smile when I'm doing the dishes.  Love the bright pink!
There you have it!  A little tour of our new home!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a beautiful and welcoming home you have! :)

  2. Looks great! Like you've been living there for ages haha

  3. I love the little ceramic owl by the kitchen table and also your reading nook!

    What a cute house! :)

  4. Love the layout. You have great decorating style. I could use a few pointers!

  5. I love it! Looks like such a great layout for a family with little kids! Glad y'all are getting settled in well.

  6. What a great space! Everything looks so friendly. Love the reading nook, by the way!

  7. I always love the way you decorate! It's so homey and welcoming.

  8. I love that your home feels "lived in" and warm - not picture perfect for a catalog. This is the best kind of tour!



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