An overdue update!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Whew! The last few weeks have felt sort of like a whirlwind, and I am a little sad I wasn't documenting more of our adventures. Two weeks ago, the packers arrived at our house, and boxed up everything we own. We loaded our van and headed to a friends house, to stay until Max checked out of his unit.  A few days after the packers came, the loaders came, put those cute little stickers on every single box and piece of furniture, and hauled it all onto a huge truck.  Max and I spent the next day cleaning up the house, so we could hand in the keys. It was a bit sad saying goodbye to the house - it was the place that we first became a family in, and I will hold such fond memories from our time there!

Max checked out of his unit last Friday, and the following day, we were up bright and early, saying goodbye to the East Coast, and our dear friends in NC.  We took 4 days to make our way to Tucson, AZ, where my parents live, and where the kids and I will stay for a week or so, until we have a house in CA, and our stuff has arrived.  Max goes ahead to CA this weekend, to start getting things in order, and then checking into his new unit. He'll be starting his language courses in about 10 days.

Our long road trip out here went fairly well, and I think the kids did great, considering they are rambunctious toddlers who were constrained to the car for hours on end!  We had some tears, but mostly lots of laughter and goofy stories. Ezra kept telling us the whale was attacking our car. And Eliana kept singing made-up songs.  Evie did pretty well too!  It sure was nice to finally make it to Tucson, and get out of the car, knowing we were going to be here more than a night!

I am headed to MN this weekend, to celebrate a dear friend and her soon-to-be-here baby boy.  It will be the first time that I leave the kids (except Evie, since I am the food source, lol), other than when I had Evie and was in the hospital!  I am sure they'll be excited to be with their Bibi and Babu for the weekend, and I am really looking forward to a girls weekend, and seeing family.

The kids seem to be doing well with the move. We had some separation issues with Ezra, at church, in the last few weeks. I think it had to do with all the big changes going on. We've been having issues with Evie the last few weeks, and especially at night. She wakes up screaming, like she is in pain or has really bad gas, arching her back, inconsolable, scratching at her face and neck. She doesn't sleep for more than 3-4 hours  at a time, and this mama is feeling so worn out. I am beginning to wonder if she isn't reacting to something I eat, like dairy or nuts. I've had some suspicions for awhile, but the last few days have been particularly hard, and I think it's because of some of the food we ate along the way.  When I mentioned a lot of these things to the Doc, he said she just must be gassy, but she seems so upset and it's been happening every night lately, and we don't know what to do. Poor baby!

Anyways, we are enjoying the warm, sunny weather in Tucson, and are excited to finally get to CA, and get settled into our new house.

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  1. You have been a busy lady! I love Tucson we lived an hour south of there for 6 months last year.

  2. Yay! Great update! I'm sure you feel great finally being on that side of the country.

  3. Wow, y'all have been busy! Glad that everything has gone well! I hope and pray it's smooth going the rest of the trip to CA.
    I'm sorry Evie has been waking up with those episodes! That's got to be scary as well as exhausting! Hope she is feeling better soon!

  4. Wow! You guys have a lot going on!

    Poor baby girl! I hope whatever it is that is bothering her stops and you both can get some more sleep.

  5. So good to hear about how things are going! Hurrah for great travellers, your kids are little rockstars! I'm dreading the move back to our hometown next month.. it'll be about a 4 day trip too.
    I hope your poor baby girl gets better soon and that you can figure out what's bothering her. It's TOUGH when your nights are so interrupted like that!
    Thanks for the life update.. enjoy your weekend away!! xo

  6. So sorry about miss e. Ellie has been acting quite similar which has me wondering if shes teething. I'm glad the packing went smooth. Hope the rest of the move is as easy going. Ive been praying for you all and especially your strength as we all know the mama is the base of the entire operation. :-) big hug!!!!

  7. So glad to hear you guys made it out there okay! And sounds like it was pretty uneventful, as far as toddler behavior goes, so that's AWESOME!

  8. I am glad to hear you made it safely. I am sorry about Evie, we've been having sleeping issues over there too. I will be praying that it gets better for you! Have a blast in MN, despite all the snow :)

  9. Goodness! A busy time. Hope Evie feels better soon.



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