Pillows & Capes

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last weekend, we had a family movie night.  My organized, neat-and-tidy self might have cringed a little as Max threw down all of the pillows and blankets from upstairs, to make an awesome movie-watching area on the floor.  But, the kids loved it (and I might have thought it was pretty great too...)!  We popped corn and snuggled together and watched Wreck-it-Ralph together.  Perfect.  I think weekend family movie night might have to become more of a routine around here!

I got the kids new jammies for the spring/summer time.  Ezra's are Superman with a cape that attaches.   It's super adorable and I can't get enough of him running around in it.  The other day, he was still in his jammies long past breakfast, which was just fine with me!  He then decided he needed to wear his snowboots.  And one of L's hair bows.  And no pants.  What a little stud!  And what the fashion statement, ha!  Love that little guy!

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  1. Haha these pictures are amazing! :)

  2. So cute! Love and miss them AND YOU!!!

  3. Movie night looks fun!! And he is so cute.

  4. So fun! I love those days where lounging turns into quality family time!



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