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Monday, December 10, 2012

In the parking lot, at the grocery store, Ezra sees a semi-truck drive by:
Ezra: Mama!  It's a huge truck!
Mama: Wow, that's pretty cool!
Ezra: Yeah! There are lots of alligators in there! Chomp-chomp!
It was a little too quiet the other morning, so I called L over to see what she was doing.
She appears, with her Doctor kit tools in hand.
Mama: Hey L, whatcha doing?
L: I'm broken. I'm gonna go and fix myself now.
Ezra, to Evie: Hey pretty girl!
Mama: That was nice, Ezra! You are such a good brother. You know, you can tell Eliana she's beautiful too!
Ezra, after thinking about it a minute: Eliana, you are very, very purple!

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  1. Naaaw, that's so cute! Awesome pictures of the three siblings.

  2. So dang cute. That picture of all three of them is great!



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