Oh, hey there.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Oh.  Hey there.  Yep, I know you are jealous of that face.  Ha!  I was just trying to take a self-portrait so I could show off my new hair.  I had been letting the hairs grow for almost a year, and decided it was high time to chop it.  So on Friday, I cut it off.  And it felt great.  I love the short.  I promise to take better pictures soon!

You see that basket of laundry behind me?  Yeah, I need to fold that.  And do another few loads yet today.  I feel like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done that I need to.

Yikes.  My two older children are down for a nap and they are supposed to be sleeping for another hour, at least.  So the fact that I am hearing them chattering away is not a good sign.  It either means the time change is messing with them, or they are going to cranky-pants when I go get them.  

It's Sunday.  In case you forgot.  I was going to cross some tasks off my to-do list while the kids were napping, but apparently that isn't going to happen.  Max and I just sat down for what he calls "fight night"...aka the time set aside to look at money/our budget each month.  It's really not that bad going through it, even if he tries to tell you otherwise.  

The sermon series at church is on money/finances/budgets - it's good stuff.  Today we talked about how God has entrusted us with everything we have - money, kids, spouses, families, jobs, things - and how we are to be stewards of those things.  All those things that God has entrusted to us are blessings, and also burden us with great responsibility to manage them well.  One of the main points was that the way we manage everything is directly related to how we view God, and who we see Him as.  Obviously one of the biggest application points in the series has to do with money, but this morning I couldn't help but think about my kids.  

Because God has entrusted 3 sweet babes to me.  And I so want to take that blessing and responsibility well.  I don't want to waste what God has given me.  Or spend too much time cleaning my house or putzing online or selfishly doing my own thing, that I forget that God has given me a huge task in raising these kids.  Sometimes it can feel daunting and overwhelming, knowing I have 3 little beings that I have been given to pour into.  But in the end, I know God gave them to me for a reason, and I feel incredibly blessed by that.

I am on day 7 of my Whole30 adventure and hope to share my thoughts on my first week tomorrow.  Right now, I just have to say that I love cashews.  A lot.  

So, I guess those were some of my random thoughts of the day.
Hope y'all are having a lovely Sunday!

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  1. I love your hair, it looks great! Short hair definitely suits you. :)

  2. You're making me laugh right now. I love the hair and the temptation to cut mine again has resurfaced thanks to you missy! Hoping you're doing well.



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