L's 3rd Birthday

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last Thursday was Eliana's 3rd birthday.  We had been talking about how she was going to turn 3, and how Bibi and Babu (my mom and dad) would be here to celebrate.  I asked her what she would like for her party, and of course, she came up with Tangled - so, 'Tangled' theme it was.  We didn't get too crazy, but we had fun with it.  We put yellow streamer along the stairwell, through the living room, around various toys, and to her chair - it was supposed to reminiscent of Rapunzel's long hair.  Of course, they pulled it down and made mummy outfits/ninja headbands/etc out of the yellow streamers -  it definitely was entertaining!
We also blew up a bunch of balloons, which the kids had a blast throwing and kicking around.
The day wasn't too crazy.  We read books (the kids newest obsession are javelina's - they are basically desert pigs...when I asked L who she wanted to come her to party, she told me she wanted the javalina's to come...oh dear...), took a trip to the park, got special donut treats for snack time, watched Tangled, and played. 
 It was late afternoon when Max and I took baby Evie into the ER for her fever.  We missed out on a shrimp dinner (totally L's choice!) and ice cream sundaes (which L requested over cake).
 The kids got a joint birthday (Ezra turns 2 next week...) present from my parents - a little table just their size.  They are loving it - being able to have snacks there, color, do play-doh, "cook" dinner from their kitchen, rearrange chairs - it's been a great source of fun for them the last few days!
It was a bummer that Max, baby Evie, and I had to be at the hospital for part of the day, but we were glad that we got to celebrate most of L's birthday with her - and we were blessed that my parents were here and continued the celebration after we were gone.  I think it was a special day for L!

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  1. It looks like a very special day! :)

  2. awe what a fun day!

    We have a table for Em and love it especially for doing school workbooks and crafts.
    Definitely an awesome present!

  3. How fun! Too bad you had to miss the ending though :( I love that table, we want to get something similar for Penny in a year or two.

  4. That looks like a fun party! And the donut looks delicious. I have been craving donuts lately :)



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