AZ Vacation Photos: A Hike

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Two weeks ago, while in AZ, we woke up with the sun, and hiked up a mountain.  My dad asked if we would be interested in hiking, and of course, we told him we would.  I think he was a little concerned with me going along, all big and pregnant - but I knew I could handle it!  The entire hike took about 3 hours - we climbed up and then climbed back down.  It was gorgeous out.  We intentionally left early to avoid the heat of the day, and we were blessed with cooler morning weather, and some clouds.  At the start of our hike...I think Alison got the grand idea to take a hat picture, bwa ha ha...we all look a little tired...
 The views were gorgeous.  If you look at the center of the picture, you can see a resort building.  We started down below that building, and worked our way up the mountain.  I think when I took this picture, we were about a half hour into our trek.  
 We came across this ruined stone house.  It was really neat.  And of course, provided some good picture-taking opportunities, and a water break!
Alison captured the sun peeking out in this one.  I love it.
The desert and the mountains.  Such a different view from NC!
 Many of these are from the halfway point.  I didn't take very many going back down.  Along our way, we saw a few lizards, a gila monster (in the picture below), and I just about stepped on a little desert turtle before we spotted it!  So cool to see so much wildlife!
We made it!  Taken at the end of our hike, all sweaty and gross, but happy to have made it!  I think my dad was happy that I didn't give birth or fall over or something!  It was an early morning, and we may have sweated through every piece of clothing possible, but it was well worth it!!!  Thanks for taking us, Papa D!

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  1. Such cool pictures!! Looks like a fun time! Good for you making it all the way! :)

  2. :) I love the belly-to belly picture!

  3. Hiking at 32 weeks pregnant? I am impressed! :)

  4. Oooh you're making me miss home...



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