Tonight, my thoughts.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some thoughts from my day (and some photos from this past weekend):

There has been more pee on the floor today than I ever anticipated.  Seriously, do I have toddlers or puppies running around?!  There were times today that I did not know.
 That makes it sound like potty-training is going poorly.  It's not.  It's just very much a one-step forward, two-steps backward kind of journey on some days.  L can be stubborn, and likes to take her sweet little toddler time.  Don't you worry though, this mama is just as stubborn and can take HER sweet mama time.  Take that, potty-training!
 I love my girl.  And I love that she lets me take her picture.  Until she is done, and then she hides.
 I have been craving obscene amounts of chocolate and burritos.  Specifically spicy burritos.  It's sad that just a little hot sauce gives me heartburn.  Ok, who am I kidding...pretty much anything I eat in the last few days gives me massive heartburn...

We set up the little froggy tent the other day, and I let the kids eat their cookie snack in there.  Pretty special...not only did they get a cookie for a snack, but they got to eat in the tent!  We hardly EVER let them eat out of their highchairs at the table, so they were pretty thrilled.
Max had a long weekend this past weekend, as a result of having been "in the field" (think camping/training/lots of communications setup/MRE meals) the previous week.  It was fantastic having him a couple extra days.  There was lots of lazy, cuddle time, particularly because both babies have been fighting off colds.  
 By the way, I am way over the whole babies having colds thing.  It can be done now.  Seriously.  This waking up early/taking shorter naps/waking up grumpy business is not my favorite.  I enjoy my happy, well-rested babes far better.  Plus, it's no fun seeing them miserable and snotty.  But I love those precious snot-faces and will just keep making them drink honey-lemon water and blow their noses.  Praying the colds go away soon.    

Has it ever been made known that I have a certain fondness for self-portraits?  Because I do.  I think it's genetic, because my dad does it too.  Except his can turn out strangely scary-like sometimes.  But always end up cracking me up to no end.  My dad is a funny man.  Just saying.
I like that Ezzy loves to "help" Max and I.  And this photo makes me smile big time.  Here he is, helping his Daddy with the fish tank.  Oh yeah, we got a new fish tank.  It's pretty huge.  And pretty much takes over our downstairs.  Don't worry, I'll take some more pictures soon.  
So, it's way past my bedtime.  Like an hour past.  Yes, I go to bed early.  It's good for me.  Plus, when you get up at 5:30am, it's easy to go to bed early.  Last night, I might have gone upstairs at 8:45pm.  No shame.  I like my sleep.  And my bed.  And sleeping in my bed.  Yeah, I am rambling.  I told you it was way past my bedtime.  This is why I don't usually blog at night, because I start chattering away.  With that, I am off to find sleep.  Good night.

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  1. Pee everywhere? That was our house for 4 days. Horrible!!! And the heartburn, right there with ya? I thought it would get better, but I was obviously kidding myself. My Moma says, "This is only temporary so go eat your Tums," Lovely huh? :) Lot's of hugs lady, I'm praying for ya!

  2. You and your babies are also cute! Good luck with the potty training :)

  3. I go to bed early too. Having babies does that to you!



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