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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'd thought I'd start sharing some of the things that L says.  There are so many questions, thoughts, and reactions she shares, that make me giggle inside.  And they need to be recorded, and shared.  So, the things she says, volume 1:

Tonight, we were putting the kids to bed.  It had been a long day, spent around the house, as both babes are getting over colds.  Although we love being at home together, these are the days that can often feel the longest and most draining!  We got both kids in their respective cribs, with a couple books to look at, and I sat down in the rocking chair, with Max next to me, lounging on the floor.  L asked me to get out the "Jesus book" (the Jesus StoryBook Bible), and I started with a story about King David.  On the page, there was a picture of David, laying against a tree, holding a harp, surrounded by a few sheep.  The story on that page was talking about David being a shepherd and a man after God's heart; about how David had done some very bad things, but that God had given him a new heart.  This is conversation that ensued whilst we were reading:

L: What is that?
Mama: What is what?
L: What is he holding?
Mama: Oh, David is holding a harp.  It plays music.
L: No, what is that?
Mama: A harp.
L: No. Daddy? What is David holding?
Daddy: He's holding a harp!
L: No, Daddy, he's got a...heart.
Daddy: Yep, he's holding a harp.
L: No, he's holding a HEART.
Daddy: Ok.
L: Mama, Daddy says he's holding a heart.
Mama:'s a harp.
L: No, he's holding a heart. A new heart. David is holding a new heart, he's playing a new heart!

Apparently, David plays hearts now?  Who knew?  Oh the things that little girl says sometimes.

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