Picnic on the Porch.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

We had a couple of really nice days this week.  Lots of warm sunshine and gentle breezes.  
One day, after naptime, we headed out the front porch to eat our afternoon snack (homemade chex mix), soak up the lovely weather, and wait for Daddy to get home from work.
 Don't look too close, or you'll see lines on his face from where he slept during his nap...and a little bruise on his forehead that he acquired this week.  He gets so many little bumps and scratches...probably because he is always on the move and tries to go faster and faster, even when his little legs aren't quite ready!
 I think L has worn out her pink, sparkly shoes!
My cute babes.
Clutching a pretzel - his very favorite snack.  
 Sometimes it looks like Ezzy doesn't have any hair.  But if you look closely, you will see, he DOES have hair, but it's super light blond!  Just like his Daddy!
 L was helping Z "sort" out his chex mix.  Goofy babes.
 Sweet L.
 I can't get enough of her long, dark lashes.
Daddy came home while we were out on the porch, and L was showing him a scratch she got on her knee.  
"Kiss it, Daddy!", she said.
 L ran around the other side of the porch railing, and squishes her face between the bars.  "Take picture, Mama!!", she exclaimed.  Ha ha, her face makes me laugh!!
We thoroughly enjoyed our front porch picnic this week.  I am excited for more this summer!

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  1. I love those sleep lines =) I love smooching charlie all over right after he's woken up, when his face is all warm and lined! ;-)
    Your kids are seriously the cutest!
    And I'm glad you clarified 'sneeze' for me. I was wondering who in the world it was hahah

  2. Awh, such cutie pies! I love front porch picnics. :)

  3. Such sweet memories :) It looks like you had tons of fun!

  4. Adorable.

    We didn't get to enjoy the warm weather because of Em being so sick.. I was hoping this week would bring some more nice weather but doesn't look like it.

    I can't wait for summer either!



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