Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I promise I have not disappeared this week before Christmas (and our anniversary week!). 
I have been chasing after memories and thoughts the last few days, as I try to type out the story of Max & Kaylee, to share for you all.  I figured it would be fitting, seeing as how our 2-year wedding anniversary is this Thursday. 

This past weekend?!  Max's birthday was a great day filled with lots of coffee, too much pistachio cheesecake, the new version of the Grinch, presents and friends.  Sunday, after church, I baked Christmas cookies with Amy - we made lots of cookies to eat and send home with her.  It was a good time and we got a lot done.  I LOVE Christmas cookies, although it is a dangerous thing having them in the house - my new daily goal is to avoid eating one, as one often leads to twelve, ha ha!  

The kids are fighting a little cold, and this week holds errands and house-cleaning, so we can be ready to celebrate Christmas this weekend!  I am excited!  Anyways, stay tuned for the first installment of the story of Max & Kaylee...I hope to have it done soon!

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  1. Well since I might not have computer access come Thursday, Happy Anniversary kiddos!!! And prayers for the littles to get better before the festivities begin...and rest for their sweet Mama too! Sweet Luvins!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend, what kinds of cookies did you make?



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