Gunny Claus & cows that eat grapes

Monday, December 12, 2011

This past weekend was filled with holiday events and early mornings, and I think that in spite of being tired, I can safely say that we all had a lovely weekend.  

Our advent activity for Friday was to visit a Living Nativity at the church we attend.  So, Friday night, after stuffing ourselves with homemade Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, we packed in the car and headed to church.  The Living Nativity was well done and we all really enjoyed it.  There were 4 scenes set up, and you walked around, spending a few minutes at each one.  There was a narration, and typically a song performed, and the last station was the manger scene, complete with live animals.  The entire time, I had been reminding L that we were going to see baby Jesus in a manger, and although she was excited to finally see the baby in a manger, I think she was enthralled with the cow.  The cow that ate a grape from her hand.  And licked her.  That was all she could talk about for, well...she is still talking about that cow that licked her hand!  There were also camels that we all got to pet, which was a really neat experience.  Ezra kept pointing at the camels and grunting (it's his way of talking, ha ha!) the entire time.  I am still bummed I forgot my camera!

Because we visited the Living Nativity on Friday evening, Max and I held out a small amount of hope that the babes would sleep in on Saturday morning.  Ha! Those little ones were up at 0545 the next morning.  They had to stay in their beds until 0645, which is their usual wake-up time, but let me tell you...they were a little cranky Saturday morning.  So I did what any loving wife would do and left them with Max for most of the day.  Actually, I had a long list of places I need to make it to, and a few things I needed to pick up, and had been planning on going out all week.  I did get all of my Christmas (and birthday/anniversary!) shopping done, and now I can get to work on (and finish!) my projects!

Sunday afternoon was the unit Christmas party, so we moseyed on over for lunch, a raffle, and a visit from Gunny Claus.  I had been telling L all morning that after church we would be seeing Gunny Claus, and she was pretty excited.  We stood in line, anxiously awaiting our turn, and of course, when we finally got to visit with Gunny Claus, L clammed up and got all serious.  He passed out stuffed animals to each of the babes, and an ornament for our tree, and then it was time for a picture to document, so we put the kids on his lap:
This was the only picture I could get, bwa ha ha!  And it cracks me up to no end!  

So that was our weekend...cows that ate grapes from L's hand, and Gunny Claus...I hope Z isn't scarred for life :)

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  1. Crying Santa pictures are the best!!

    I have to tell you, I've made that chicken bacon ranch pizza like a dozen times and my husband is obsessed! He always wants it. I don't mind because, well, it has bacon on it. I'm not complaining.

  2. Awh Mama, you're so mean. LoL! This is hilarious!

  3. The picture is precious - so funny!

  4. Oh my!! That picture is great...I seriously think every kid needs one crying picture with Santa/Gunny ;) (is that horrible of me?)



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