Mama dates Daddy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, we left our babes in the capable (and very willing!) hands of family, and went on a date.
Have I mentioned how fun it is to date my husband?!
It was fantastic to get out, to explore, to be spontaneous and to just have some Max & Kaylee time.
We had our hearts set on going to the zoo, but after realizing it was pretty far away, our plans changed.
We found a few places with great reviews, and made it our goal to check them out.

At the start of our adventurous afternoon.

First order of business: find coffee.
This is ALWAYS the first order of business, no matter what time of day or night!
We found this super quirky, local coffeeshop and got ourselves a cup of delicious.

 Then, we walked around the neighborhood, which boasted a local artist feel.
There were boutiques, gift shops, restaurants and delis. 
We had a blast walking around, checking out some of the shops.

There was a fun fire station that we had to get some photos at.

We found a restaurant, where we ate fantastic french fries, and crepes filled with all sorts of goodness.
We laughed until we cried, talked and just enjoyed our non-baby afternoon.
And then, something monumental happened.
After much thought (and I mean, months and months of thought) and discussion, it was time.
Time to be permanently inked.
I decided (with Max's help and occasional coaxing, ha ha!) to get my first tattoo.

I've wanted this tattoo for quite some time now.
We were pretty much waiting for a baby-free time.
And it was a great spontaneous kind of afternoon.
So off we went to a local tattoo parlor, and BAM!
It was finished.

Yep.  A "Jesus-fish", or ichthus.
Directly behind my right ear.
I love it.
And you know what?!
I was a bit apprehensive about the whole tattoo thing.
But really, it was not bad at all.
I am really happy with my tattoo :)

After our tattoo experience, we hit up a funky antique shop and wandered around.
It was getting late in the afternoon, so we headed back.
So there ya have it.
The afternoon of Max & Kaylee date adventures.
All in all, we had a terrific afternoon and I am so glad to have had the chance to go on our date!

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  1. So cute. It's a very sweet, dainty and classy tattoo.

    Glad you're enjoying your time together!

  2. That sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend!!!

  3. What a great date! And I like the tattoo, I have always wanted one behind my ear too! :)

  4. Sounds like an awesome date!
    Love your tattoo, I have one behind my ear also.

  5. What a lovely time. It all sounds fabulous!

  6. What a fun day! I love the tattoo, I am a huge ink fan :)

  7. Kaylee I love the dress, you always have such cute style! And those pictures from your date, so pretty I love them!



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