Meet Lucy.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lucy Pevensies.

She was born January 30.
That makes her 9 weeks old.
And since you knew about my newfound adoration of basset hounds, well...she just found us.
Or rather, Max found her a few weeks ago through a breeder online.

We went to pick her up yesterday. 
It was an all-day event and SO much fun.
There was homemade caramel corn and packed lunches.
And some reading of "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader".
Lucy gets her name from the Narnia series, by the way.
One of our favorite characters is Lucy Pevensies, hence the name...

Our Lucy is a sweetheart.
She weighs about 10 pounds.
And stands about 7 inches tall.
BUT that girl is LONG - almost 2 feet long!
That's a basset hound for you!

(They were quite tired after our long adventure yesterday!)

L is fond of her.
She giggles like crazy whenever Lucy licks her.
And L is loving playing outside with Lucy.
Lucy follows her ALL over, little tail wagging happily behind her.
They run around and around and if L turns around to "catch" Lucy, 
well, she falls straight down on her side, ha!

 "Uh, Lucy, you gotta get up to get the ball now..."

 Yes, we might be a bit insane to get a puppy while we have an 18-month old and a 5-month old.
But we thought about this for a few months and right now seemed like the best time for us.
We are super excited to have our new addition at home with us.
So far, things have gone pretty well.
There have, of course, been accidents (gosh, I feel like she's gotta go every 5 minutes!), 
and she's adjusting to life without her mama and siblings.
She cries sometimes (I think she's missing them...).
Last night went very well. 
She slept in a box, on the floor, next to Max.
And he took her out to potty when I fed the Z man in the middle of the night.
Other than that, she was quiet and didn't make a fuss!

She has been wonderful with the kids so far.
I have to watch her because she always wants to lick Z's face and lay right next to him.
And like I said, she follows L all around.

She likes to eat (according to my research, what basset hound doesn't?!?).
And LOVES to play outside.
She is pretty curious, but also cautious.
When she attempts to howl, she sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars, bwa ha ha.

How is the kitty getting along?!
Well, we really haven't seen her much since we got home yesterday.
I think the cat has taken to hiding away upstairs.
Although Ms. Kitty did slink down here and came face-to-face with Lucy today.
The outcome?
The kitty hissed at Lucy.
And hurt Lucy's feelings.
Lucy turned around and ran away with her tail between her legs!
I don't think she's seen a cat before!!!

Anyways, we are smitten with our new Basset Hound puppy!

It is naptime in our house right now.
And Lucy is currently fast asleep, on her back (she is already such a character!), next to me!
I think I might join her for a few minutes...

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  1. That is the stinkin' cutest puppy ever! Those ears!

  2. I'm in love!!! She is pretty dang adorable. Enjoy your newest addition!!! I want to come steal her =)

  3. Oh my goodness!!! That's adorable!!

  4. ohhh my god!! so so so cute! Love the pic of L and the puppy! precious!

  5. Aw, what a cutie-patootie! She's so little! I don't think my puppies were EVER that little! I love it. :)

  6. Hello, Kaylee! I was coming over to tell you that you won a prize from my Blog Anniversary Giveaway... and then my heart completely melted when I saw this post I almost forgot why I was here. haha I have to let you know that Basset Hounds are my absolute favorite breed of dog - I've grown up with them my entire life! My mom currently has a Basset that we refer to as Uncle Rufus (because, he is my brother. Therefore, he's Josiah's uncle haha). Any way - please email me with your email address so I can get in touch with you concerning your prize! I'll be announcing all of the winners today on the blog. So nice to meet you! :)

  7. Oh what a precious little pup Kaylee! :) A dog is the best friend a kid can have so I think you're doing just right getting her now. Why take one thing at a time when you can do everything at once (it's dav's and my new favourite saying)?
    Lots of hugs and kisses for you all!
    Hugs from Belgium

    Oh my goodness- SO CUTE! I can't believe how much your little girl looks like Diego when he was little! So that means she's gonna be a good lookin' dog, hehe *wink*
    Miss you guys SO much and I'm sorry that I've been settling for keeping up with your life via your blog! HOWEVER, this week is the last week that we will have a group before we have a BIG break! I would love to get ahold of you sometime between naps/feedings/and potty training (both the baby and the pup). LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!



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