And then I stopped taking pictures.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Max's brother came to visit a few days ago.  
It's been a lot of fun having a visitor here in the house!
I did GREAT taking photos the first day or so.
And then I stopped taking pictures.
Oh well.

The first day, we headed out to the beach.  
Max's brother had never seen the ocean in person.
So our goal was to see the ocean :)

On the way there, I got to hold hands with the sweetest girl there ever was.

At the beach.
They were collecting rocks and shells. 

First time at the ocean!!!!

Taking it all in.
Don't you just feel so small when you stand in front of the ocean??!
For me, it reminds me of how BIG God is and how small I am.
And that we have an awesome Creator.

Ezzy and Mama.

It was pretty chilly at the beach this day.
We did not last long.
Although our trip was short, it was still very lovely.
I can't wait for warmer days - I have a feeling we'll be spending lots of time at the beach!!!

L and her Uncle, hanging out!

I made a dessert that involved a layer of whipped cream, powdered sugar and cream cheese.
L got to lick off the beaters.
She was pretty proud of herself, holding them in each hand!

Watching Finding Nemo.
You can just see L's head under Max's arm.
We hardly ever watch TV.
In fact, it's never on during the week.
We might watch a movie here or there, but for the most part, we are a VERY minimal TV family.
I was impressed that L sat still for almost 45 minutes of Finding Nemo!!
It was cute.  
It's fun to have special movie times with her!

On Friday, we had a urologist appointment for L.
The Doc here wanted us to establish a point of contact with a local pediatric urologist.
So we headed to Wilmington for the day.
L's appointment went well.
Her solitary kidney is doing fine.
We will continue to monitor it for a few years.
Once she is able to tell us about pain, the need to monitor it (for fear of potential infection) will go down.

After her appointment, we grabbed dinner at a fun restaurant along the waterfront in Wilmington.
Then took an after-dinner stroll along the water.
It was a lot of fun!

Saturday, we saw Emerald Isle and Beaufort.
And then stayed up WAY later than I am used to, watching a movie!
It's been way fun having Max's brother here!

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  1. I did see you! my husband and I were walking downtown and I saw you and your little family walking up and I was like - hey she looks REALLY familiar.. and then it dawned on me. lol :)

  2. I'm so jealous that you live that close to Carolina beaches! I've wanted to go to Beaufort ever since I started reading Nicholas Sparks' books. =P Hopefully we'll be at a beach near you this summer! Joe's family goes to Sunset Beach every year for a week vacation and we're hoping to make it. =) It's strange, but I really miss the Carolina beaches even though we have PLENTY of beach here!

  3. You couldn't have picked a better place to visit, Beaufort and Emerald Isle. During the fall in Beaufort they tour all the old "haunted" houses and boats, etc. around town and it's fascinating!

  4. What fun times! I can't imagine going to the beach in February. :) So cool!

  5. Haha, that is one thing I love about Jacksonville-- the beaches! Not many other places to take visitors, but that usually works. :-) I try to be a minimalist with the TV. Sophia wasn't interested until she was 2, but now she watches a kid movie almost every morning. Other than that, I leave it off on weekdays, but on weekends hubby wants it on in the background for the news or a show, or for his video games, and I have been tolerating it because he only has a few more months before deployment, so I guess we can enforce better habits then, right?



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