The things they say. V.5

Friday, November 30, 2012

L, sitting at the table: Mama!  I farted!
Mama: Oh, well, what do you say?
L: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Hooray!!
Mama: Uh...
A few minutes later, L: Excuse me...

We were driving around looking at Christmas lights, and I thought I would use it as a time to talk about what Christmas is all about...
Mama: Why do we celebrate Christmas? Whose birthday is it?
L: Jesus! It's Jesus' birthday!
Mama: Yep!
L: And Jesus will eat ice cream for his birthday!
Mama:  Well, yeah, it's Jesus' birthday and that's why we celebrate Christmas.  We give each other presents to honor him and to celebrate Jesus being born!  That's why Santa brings presents, in honor of Jesus.
L: Yeah, and Santa brings presents to all the animals!
Mama: Uh..
L: Yeah, he brings them to the chinchillas!  Hooray!

Sitting at dinner one day...
Ezzy: Chickens in desk!
Mama: Um, what?
Ezzy: There are chickens in desk!
L: Yeah, there are chickens in the desk!  And Daddy fights them!
Mama: Uh...

Apparently, we live in a house where Daddy is a chicken-fighter, we say Happy Birthday a lot, and our Santa is very much an animal lover?!

Oh, and those would be my children, this morning, in their jammies, with their winter hats and mittens on, being goons.  And yes, Ezzy has a girl hat on.  Oh my life, how crazy it is, and how much I love it.

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  1. Is L on stilts? She looks SO big next to Z! or has she just grown that much in a month???

  2. I love much! Can't wait to see you guys so soon!

  3. OMG so funny. Chickens in desk!



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